JEWELL Family Genealogy

JEWELL ClanBright, Jones, Yocum, Brown, Elliott, Givens, Jewell, Titsworth, Alexander, Smith


AAGSAR 2014 Spring Ancestor ChallengeAfrican American Genealogy & Slave Ancestry Research

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38 comments on “JEWELL Family Genealogy

  1. Ms.Jewell…….Congratulations Lady! You inspire us ALL! I can’t wait to read more. Love the Family photo. You always keep us Lifted and I can “See” why.

  2. Always know you have lots of supporting Partners Ms. Mary! We’re blessed to have you & very proud to have you supporting AAGSAR. To you & the JEWELL Clan enjoy your new [online] home! 🙂

  3. Love the design of your blog and the photo of your beautiful family. Congratulations on starting your blog. Very clever name too!

  4. Jewell my dear, you are off to a WONDERFUL start! Your family photo is just the right touch for what I believe is going to be a meaning family experience for you here. Thank you for taking what I know was a HUGE step for you. Now as you progress along with your research, you now have a special place right here in cyberspace to tell your ancestors’ story, share with family and collaborate with others who are researching along the same family lines. KUDOS to you!

  5. Hi Jewell…I appreciate your encouragement….decided to take a look at your blog and I see that you have Givens in your family…my brothers wife is a Givens with roots in NC.

    • So far my Givens lived in and around KY … but who knows what will turn up. Would you like an invite to my Ancestry tree (you can take a better look)? If so send your e:mail address. Very best wishes for your continued success blogging and researching!! Mary

  6. Ms. Mary, your family photo is GORGEOUS and the perfect welcome to everyone who visits your blog! I’ve enjoyed my visit here and wish you continued success with your family research and look forward to learning more about your ancestors this year and beyond. EXCELLENT!

  7. Hello, I wanted to leave some information about the WWII service of Charles E. Jewell. This comes from an Indianapolis Recorder issue dated October 25, 1947 when his appointment to the Indianapolis Police Department was announced. It says: He was a Staff Sergeant in the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre of Operations with an Air Force Quartermaster unit. He received 2 battle stars for his experience. This can be found on line at this address along with a photo of him:

    I wanted to ask if I may use the photograph you posted of him in his police uniform. I have written a history of African-Americans with the Indianapolis Police Dept. and the photo I have of him right now is from that newspaper and isn’t high quality. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

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