5 comments on “My DNA Ancestry Composition

  1. Ms. Mary 23andMe have your questions & have committed to getting back with us soon. I’ll keep you posted on updates! Keep posting!:)

  2. Thank you for following me on Google+! Have you uploaded your DNA to Gedmatch yet? Also what counties are your ancestors from in Kentucky? I found a lot of great probate records on Family Search for Kentucky. I would be very interested in knowing more about your Smith’s.

  3. Yes Iva I’ve uploaded to gedmatch (M130350). My ancestor’s are mostly from Washington and Boyle Counties. My husband’s from Fulton, Warren and Allen. Smith’s are not my direct line (my cousin’s husband’s line). I have not researched his line … I have too many common names of my own LOL. I have seen the probate records on FamilySearch. I’ve been researching off and on since 1990’s. You may contact me using my e:mail addy …. mejewell66@comcast.net THANKS for stopping by!!!

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